What holidays in September 2024 ?

September Holidays

September 2024 is a huge month for holidays; offering choice occasions for giving gifts and spreading goodwill to friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers. As a matter of fact, 13 of the 30 days in September have some officially designated Holiday.

The Islamic New Year will fall on September 21, a day before fall officially begins. Some other notable religious holidays in September 2024 are St. Matthew's day (Christian), Eid ul Adha and Ashura (Muslim) as well as Selichot and Yom Kippur (Jewish).

If you are not religiously inclined, there are days like the start of Oktoberfest or the National Cheeseburger holiday to look forward to. Other notable official September Holidays include the Labor Day, International Day of Charity, the International Literacy Day, the World Rhino Day, Constitution Day, Patriot Day and the Day of Democracy.

While there is no dearth of holidays in September 2024, at Holidays Today we believe everyday is a special day for spreading love and goodwill to the world. That is why we have collected all the quaint, little known holidays in September and offered anyone and everyone every manner of excuse to give and spread the cheer.

As the school year begins in fall, we have special days to mark the occasion including the "Back to School Day" and "Drunken Student Day" (both falling on September 1; which also happens to be "Farewell to Bad Luck", "New Stationery", and "Intellect" day).

September tends to be a month of reflection and introspection. It is also likely that you will have gone through the year without much notice from friends and family. If that is the case, some notable occasions will seem very fitting. For instance, September 2 is officially "Your Own Holiday Day" and the very next day comes the "National I Am in Charge Day". Indeed, September is the month when you will be well and truly back in the limelight.

If it happens that someone is bugging you about not texting them on September 9, you only need to point out that it is the official "Silence Day". If, on the other hand, they are unimpressed by the quantity and quality of your missives, the perfect excuse is that the same day happens to be the universally designated "Sending Cheesy Short Messages to Loved Ones" Day!

Other notable occasions on the September 2024 holidays calendar include the rather enigmatically named "The Day When There" (September 20), "New First Name Day" (September 14th) and the "Odd People Day" on September 29.

Our September 2024 holidays calendar is replete with humorous, quaint, innovative and even astounding holiday ideas. We hope this will spur you on to become more inclined to give and offer good cheer all around.

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