What holidays in November 2024 ?

November Holidays

November is one of those months when the shopping fiesta takes over the mainstream altogether, and November 2024 won’t be any different. Forget about Thanksgiving Day in the US, Black Friday and Cyber Monday rank top among the most anticipated holidays in November.

  • Would you like to know the most famous November holidays that will be celebrated in 2024?
  • Those incredibly odd and somewhat bizarre days of the 11th month of the year?
  • Visit us to know special holidays in November and understand why they are fondly revered.

All non-regular Holidays in November 2024

Welcome and go through our exclusive collection of special days of the month of November, 2024.

Immediately after Halloween craze dies down, November starts with one odd holiday in Mexico. Day of the Dead or Día de Muertos is staged on 1st November to honor the dead and is celebrated in the best way possible. Meanwhile, our Austrian calendar says that all native Austrians are celebrating fallen saints - All Saints Day.

On 4th of November, b here as we bring you Russia’s Unity Day. a day later, our ship docks in the UK as we join the locals in remembering the foiled attempt to kill one English legendary figure - Guy Fawkes Day.

As we continue to travel around the world, our next stop will be in the US on 11th November for the Veterans Day. Our exclusive list of holidays in November strives to highlight those important holidays across the world. So, on 13th November, join us as we celebrate World Kindness Day.

On 20rd, our next voyage heads south for the National Black Consciousness Day in Brazil. Thereafter, Japan plays host to our special, non-regular holidays as we join them in their Labour Thanksgiving Day on the 23rd. We can’t simply forget to give thanks; Thanksgiving day in the US.

There are a lot that November 2024 holidays have in store for us

You won’t want to miss the Sandwich Day on 3rd November, Saxophone Day on 6th and Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day on 8th. Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day will be on the 7th day of the month while Homemade Bread Day and Have a Bad Day Day on 17th and 19th respectively.

The month ends with National Day of Listening, E-Greetings Day and Square Dance Day, all of them happening on 29th November. The month is basically lined up with multiple, extraordinary holidays. So, as you brace yourself to welcome the new month, better know when your favorite celebration will be happening.

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