Holidays in Japan 2024

Holidays and Observances in Japan in 2018

Date Weekday Name Holiday Type
Jan 1 Monday New Year’s Day – shogatsu National
Jan 2 Tuesday January 2 Bank Holiday Bank holiday
Jan 3 Wednesday January 3 Bank Holiday Bank holiday
Jan 8 Monday Coming of Age Day – seijin no hi National
Feb 11 Sunday National Foundation Day – kenkoku kinenbi National
Feb 12 Monday National Foundation Day observed – kenkoku kinenbi National
Feb 14 Wednesday Valentine’s Day Observance
Mar 3 Saturday Dolls’ Festival/Girls’ Festival – hina matsuri Observance
Mar 20 Tuesday March equinox Season
Mar 21 Wednesday Spring Equinox – shunbun no hi National
Apr 29 Sunday Shōwa Day National
Apr 30 Monday Shōwa Day observed National
May 3 Thursday Constitution Day – kenpo kinenbi National
May 4 Friday Greenery Day – midori no hi National
May 5 Saturday Children’s Day – kodomo no hi National
Jun 21 Thursday June Solstice Season
Jul 7 Saturday Star Festival – tanabata Observance
Jul 16 Monday Ocean Day – umi no hi National
Aug 11 Saturday Mountain Day – yama no hi National
Sep 17 Monday Respect for the Aged Day – keiro no hi National
Sep 23 Sunday Autumn Equinox – shubun no hi National
Oct 8 Monday Sports Day – taiiku no hi National
Nov 3 Saturday Culture Day – bunka no hi National
Nov 15 Thursday Seven-Five-Three (shichigosan) Observance
Nov 23 Friday Labor Thanksgiving Day –
kinro kansha no hi
Dec 21 Friday December Solstice Season
Dec 23 Sunday Emperor’s Birthday National
Dec 24 Monday Emperor’s Birthday observed National
Dec 25 Tuesday Christmas Observance
Dec 31 Monday December 31 Bank Holiday Bank holiday

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